Soul to Soul Evangelistic Tools for Sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Guide to Eternal Life :

The Guide to Eternal Life uses active learning, and minimal exposition. With each biblical question posed, a topical set of scriptures is given to let the Bible teach and reveal truth. Translations available in English, French, Haitian Creole, Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tamil.

Part 1: The Path to Eternal Life

Part 2: Stepping onto the Path

Part 3: The Church

Part 4: Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Part 5: Continuing Faithfully with Jesus

The English version of the "Guide to Eternal Life" is now available on Kindle.

Optional Lessons to Supplement the Guide to Eternal Life :

In order to understand the Gospel we need to know something about the nature and character of the One True God. We also need to appreciate what Jesus did to save us.

How Glorious is the One True God?

What did Jesus do so that you can have Eternal Life?

Follow Up Lessons:

These follow up lessons are designed to be shared after a soul has responded to Jesus.

How can I remain Faithful to Jesus?

Problems: Will They Come?

How Am I Progressing In Christ?

Special Topics:

These lessons cover a number of topics that often come up while sharing the Gospel.

The Invisible God: Does He Exist?

The Bible: is it the Word of God?

Creation - How Long Were the Days?

Jesus: The 7 Essentials

How Sinful is Sin?

Guide to Restoration

Guide to a Christian Marriage

Soul Winning Strategy (fourth edition) :

A practical and proven evangelistic approach that can be used by any congregation. The 167 page book may be downloaded in its entirety, or by individual lessons. Sharing and copying is encouraged!

Introducing Jesus:

Guide to Sharing Jesus Through the Gospel of John

The 21 lessons in this series correspond to the chapters in the Gospel of John. They are designed to be used in a congregational "Seekers" class. A seeker is defined as a person who does not believe in Jesus but who is willing to consider evidence for His claims.

Some Teaching Suggestions:

Students are encouraged to read the chapter to be studied prior to class.

Students should receive a copy of each lesson.

Classes should be conducted as a discussion, rather than in a lecturing style.

I would like to thank Mrs. Romelle Evans for her assistance in editing these lessons.

The Jesus of Prophecy

The four lessons in the Jesus of Prophecy series are designed to promote faith in Jesus, as the Christ, by showing how His life and ministry fulfil Old Testament prophesies of the Messiah.

The lessons may be shared with an individual, or with a "seekers" class.

A series of articles to create awareness of the urgent need to share the Gospel with the lost souls in our community.

Can a legitimate method of investigation become a system of faith?

When all the facts are finally in, it will be seen that there is no conflict between science and the Scriptures.

Because of the tentative nature of science itself, those who believe that conflict exists between science and Scripture are holding to an alternate and unreliable system of faith.

This lesson may be shared individually or with a class.

With minor corrections this tract is reproduced as originally written in 1972.

It covers both the temporary and the on-going work of the Holy Spirit in the life the church.

All scripture quotations are from the American Standard Version of 1901.